What is average cost of contact lenses


As usual contact lenses prices are varying a lot depending on brand, wearing schedule, quantity of lenses you buy and store where you buy it.

On average contact lenses price on 1 lens is vary from as low as $0.3 for 1 lens of Soflens Dailies in 90 pack to as high as $12 for Biofinity XR Toric for example.


Another point that you can not order any lenses you like based on cost of such contact lenses as in accordance with regulations you have to have a valid prescription to order contacts online or buy them from the office.


In order to have prescription you have to schedule special contact lenses eye exam. Your doc will check your vision and prescribe the contact lenses - not some you like or some with affordable cost for you but ones that fit for your eyes better.


But you also have some choice here - you can choose from cheaper or more expensive brand if both are good for you. Or you can choose wearing schedule - that also have a big impact on contact lenses price you pay.


Also most of all price on contact lenses depends on the store you buy it.

Online prices on contacts are at least 50% cheaper on average than contacts cost at the office.


Besides that quantity of eye lenses you buy is also important for contact lenses price you pay- buying in bulk is always much more cheaper than buying in one box. 30 pack is more expensive than 90 pack and year supply or half-year supply is cheaper than 1 box of the same lenses.



Daily contact lenses price


Daily contact lenses cost is vary from $0.3 for 1 lens (for example Soflens Dailies) to $3 for 1 lens (for example Dailies total 1 multifocal). As usual average Daily contacts cost are nearly $1 per one lens.


In most cases daily contact lenses price are bigger than price of weekly or monthly contacts as weekly or monthly contact lenses are designed to be reused and thus have more complicated construction what makes them more expensive. Daily contacts are designed for one-time use and for not to be reusable that is why daily contacts price are less than weekly or monthly contacts price.


By the way if you use contact lenses on daily basis - daily contact lenses price will be much more bigger for than price of weekly or monthly ones. That is due to the fact that monthly or weekly contacts you can use once per week or month but in case with daily lenses you must have a fresh pair everyday and this makes  daily contact lenses cost much bigger for you.


But in case you use contact lenses occasionally only than daily contact lenses price will be much affordable for you than cost of weekly or monthly contacts.


Meanwhile take into consideration that daily lenses as usual are sold in 30 or 90 pack and 90 pack as usual are cheaper per 1 pair than 30 pack per 1 pair.


For example:

Daily contact lenses price:

best price on Acuvue Moist 90 pack: $47.19 / $0.52 per 1

best price on Acuvue Moist 30 pack: $21.97 /$0.73 per 1


Weekly contact lenses prices:

best price on Aсuvue Oasys 24 pack: $76.79 /$3.2 per 1


Monthly contact lenses price:

best price on Acuvue Vita 6 pack: $39.19 /$6.53 per 1



Weekly and monthly contact lenses price


Prices on weekly and monthly contacts as usual are smaller than prices on daily contacts if you use your contacts regularly or on daily basis.


The same way monthly contact lenses are less expensive than weekly contacts. Additionally if you use weekly-monthly lenses you have to buy special solution to store them and that’s makes weekly / monthly contacts cost even more bigger.


To understand price difference on daily/ monthly /weekly see comparison above.



Toric and multifocal contact lenses cost


Prices on multifocal and toric contact lenses are always bigger on 30-60% than on the same brand without multifoical-toric feature  as such lenses are more complicated and more expensive in manufacturing. But if you have astigmatism or presbiopiya and have prescription on such lenses you must buy them.


For example prices on some popular lenses:

best price on Air Optix Aqua 6 pack $23.39

best price on Air Optix For Astigmatism 6 pack $28.79


best price on Biofinity 6 pack $29.13

best price on Biofinity Toric 6 pack $42.39


best price on Acuvue Oasys 6 pack $30.33

best price on Acuvue Oasys For Astigmatism 6 pack $43.53


Colored contacts price


Price on colored contact lenses are on average are 2 time bigger than price on the same contacts without color.


For example:

best price on Air Optix Aqua $30.93

best price on Air Optix Colors $71.4



Year/ half year contact lenses prices


Buying contacts in bulk are always cheaper. Contact lenses price for a year will be much less than contacts price for a half year or 1-2 boxes. So if you have a valid prescription and wear contacts regularly than to have a good price on contacts it is better to buy one year supply or half year if you need less of them.


One year supply is the maximum quantity of lenses you can buy as prescription last for 1 year only - you can't buy contacts for 2 or 3 years.


For example


Online contacts prices


If you have your prescription and want to save you must know that cost of contact lenses online as usual on average are 50% less than at the office. Online stores sell the same contact lenses but contact lenses price is smaller online due to elimination of service fees that at the optometrist office can be high and due to semi-automatical procession of orders.


Also note that online prices on contact lenses can be very different due to current promotions, discount codes and service/ shipping fees that have big impact on contact lenses cost. Price on the same contact lenses as the same brand can vary for example from $450 at the office to $300-200 for online.


Compare prices on your brand to find the cheapest place to buy contacts online.


Contact lenses exam price and price of contacts


Eye exam is a big part of contact lens prices for you as to wear contacts you must have a valid prescription. As usual price of contact lenses eye exam vary from $250 for standard to $100 at local Walmart or Costco. If contacts price of 1 year supply is $250 and you can save $150 on your eye exam is significant part of contact lenses price. So if you want to save and reduce contacts cost for you try to find cheap contact lenses exam.



Contact lenses price comparing to glasses price


If you compare price of contacts and price of glasses of course contact lenses are more expensive and glasses are cheaper. Especially if you use low priced simple frame glasses with not quality lenses. But if you compare price of contacts with price of quality glasses - prices can be similar.


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