To buy contact lenses in USA you have to have a valid prescription - so you must have an eye exam before. You must understand that an eye exam for glasses and contact lenses are different. You can not use your prescription for glasses to buy contacts. To buy siple or colored contact lenses you must have a valid prescription for contact lenses.


You have not any obligation to buy your contacts at the store where you have your cheap eye exam for contacts. All optometrists are required to give your a copy with results of your eye examination. This right is protected by federal law. So you can get your eye exam and then just buy cheapest contact lenses online to save nearly 50% as contact lenses online are much cheaper.




At this moment best option for the cheapest eye exam for contacts is America'sBest stores.

America'sBest offers 3-year membership for $99. Due to terms of such offer every year you will get 2 free contact lenses eye exams. So in total it is $33 per year - the cheapest price on eye exam for contact lenses you can find at the moment. Meanwhile contacts at America'sBest stores are quite expensive - so better get your prescription to buy contacts online.


America'sBest stores have limited locations in USA. If you have not America'sBest stores near you then the best possibility for you is to get an cheap contact lenses eye exam at one of Walmart or Costco Vision Centers.


Note that Costco and Walmart Vision Centers have different policies. At all Walmart Vision Centers price for contact lenses exam with fitting at the moment is nearly $100. At Costco Vision Centers price can be different - so for you is better to ask before to go for en eye examination -you can give a call to your nearest Vision Centers. If price is below $100 totally with fitting - it means this is the better option than WalMart if no - than just use Walmart for cheapest eye exam for contacts. In all this cases is better to get copy of your prescription and to buy contacts online- it will be much cheaper as prices are lower and you can get additionally different discounts on contacts and Alcon rebate as usual.




There are a few possibilities to get a free eye exam via AOA and other providers if you are senior or have a low income but as a rule this is eye exam for grasses not for contacts. So it better to search for the cheapest eye exam for contacts instead as many options from $30 is available.




Some stores are sell contacts online without prescription or with not a valid contact lenses prescription. You must know as in USA you must have a valid prescription to buy contacts - this is unlawful activity and it's not recommended to buy contact lenses from such online stores as if such stores break the law it means that they also can break law in other cases an sell you for example unquality products, provide you with bed customer service or make some fraud - so it is not recommended to use such stores at all. Better to search for a cheap of free contacts exam and then buy your contacts online -it will save you more than 50% totally and you know in this case that use quality contact lenses and a good customer service.




Prescription for contact lenses can be valid up to 2 years - ask your doctor about possibility to have such a prescription -it will save you 50% at least.

If cost of contacts is important to you or you just want to save money ask your optometrist to try cheaper brands.

If you feel uncomfortable with contact lenses brand you optometrist give you to try while fitting - tell him her about this.

Also note that daily disposable contact lenses are cheaper if to use them occasionally only and monthlies or weeklies are cheaper option when to use them regularly as cost of 1 pair of weekly or monthly contact are higher then dailies but you need more daily disposable lenses if you use contact lenses

regularly. More tips how to choose best contact lenses for you.