First of all you must know that the term "Best contact lenses" is not correct as the best contact lenses are contacts that best fit with you eyes personally. That is why if you have prescription on specific lenses it is not possible to buy another - because no one store will sell you contact lenses another than in your prescription. So the best way to choose best contact lenses is to visit optometrist for a contact lenses exam and to try different brands and understand what are best contact lenses for you personally and after find how to buy contact lenses cheap.




All biggest manufacturers of contact lenses: Johnson And Johnson, Alcon, Cooper Vision and others offer few types of contacts:

Daily disposables

Weeklies & Monthlies

Extended wear contacts.

Custom RPG contacts


Daily disposable contacts


Daily disposable contact lenses are for one-time use - 1 par per day.

1 day disposable contacts are the best for you if you do not like to take care about your contacts, want to reduce side effects like allergies and want to have generally more flexible mode of using contacts.

Dailies contacts are more expensive if you use contacts on everyday basis as you have to use every day a new pair so as usual it is a few hundred dollars per year. By the way it's better price when you use contacts sometimes only as 1 pair of dailies are less expensive than 1 pair of monthlies or weeklies.

So if you use contacts sometimes only if we talking about the price - it's the best contact lenses for you.


Also daily disposables are best contact lenses for comfort for many people as lenses are thinner and that also helps oxygen to transpass more freely but some people complain on dryness - it depends on environment and the way you use them (using of computer for example). Primarily dailies contacts are not made with durability so resist to environment so sometimes they work worse than more durable contacts. By the way it is strictly personally and depends on the way you use you contacts.


Weekly and Monthlies contacts


Weeklies and monthlies are best contact lenses if you use contacts regularly and want to save money. Year supply will be nearly 3 times less expensive than standard year sully of daily disposable lenses. Besides that monthlies and weeklies are more durable than dailies and can better adapt to environment.

As usual they are available in a big range and you can find best contacts for you. Negative side of these lenses that you must take care about them - to use a special solution for storing them for example. By the way it's the best contacts if you need durability and price is important for you.


Extended wear contacts


Extended wear contacts are the best contact lenses if you want to wear lenses a long time without changing them (thought a night for example). Some of extended wear contacts are arrowed for up to 30 days of continuous wear - foe example Air Optix Night & Day and PureVision. Extended wear contacts are more expensive, thinner and are made from special silicone hydrogel material.

A negative side of those contacts is they are under high risk of infection as usual so that's why many optometrists recommend rather "flexible wear" then permanent wear. Also these lenses are much more expensive so look for some discounts on contact lenses.


Colored contact lenses


Colored contacts are the best for you if you want both to correct you vision and to change color of your eyes.

As usual brands offer few colors to select from. By the way these contact lenses are slightly more expensive than usual of the same brand. Another point is these contacts are not available in wide range - for example at this moment in USA there are not toric colored contacts.


Custom RPG


Custom contact lenses may be the best contact lenses for you if you can't wear regular contact lenses because of problems such as an irregularly shaped eye or too much astigmatism. The negative side is that you must take care about these lenses and use a special solution and bottles to store them. Also these contact lenses have a big size and for some people can be uncomfortable especially for people with not standard corneas.


If you with your optometrist have already decided what are best contact lenses for you it is a good idea to order contact lenses online as contacts online are cheaper nearly 50% - also you can get Alcon rebate if your lenses from Alcon. You can compare prices on your contacts with Contactsprice - use the search box at the top of the page to find your brand.