At this moment you can buy contact lenses in store and online. You can buy contacts in store near you at Walmart or Costco Vision –°entres, Walgreens or at any office of optometrist.


To buy contacts in store can be a good solution especially if you need a contact lenses exam and prescription - so you can do this at one place and this can save your time. By the way to order contact lenses online is much more cheaper (at least 50%) and more convenient, especially if you have your prescription as you do not need to go anywhere - just order contacts online and the store will ship them to you home.


If you have chosen your best contacts and have a valid prescription and decided to buy contacts online you can do this at more than 30 online stores. It can be online divisions of offline stores like Walmart, Costco, Walgreens that sells contacts online too and prices are lower than in their offline stores. Also it can be specialized online-only stores like 1800contacts, Coastal, Aclens, Lensdirect, Discountcontactlenses, Opticontacts, Contactsdirect, Lens.com and many others, that can have much more better offers on contact lenses. Every online store which sells contacts sells also colored contacts but not all stores sell so called halloween contacts.




If you already have decided to order contact lenses online than you must choose what store to use. The most important things you must take into account when choosing online store to buy contacts are:


1) Price

2) Costumer service

3) Quality of products


1- Online prices on contacts are very different because of a big competition among stores and discounts on contact lenses that many stores using. So do no forget to compare not only prices but also to find some discount codes as they can give you up to 30% additional discount and that can change prices dramatically. Use Contactsprice to see prices on your brand from all stores with all possible discounts.


To understand how good is a costumer service and if the store you want to order contacts from are reliable enough - search and read some reviews and it will be quite easy to understand if the store is legitimate. By the way all legitimate stores must have phone number, address and contacts, have some social network profiles. All online stores included in our price comparison are reliable and work on a market many years.


Quality of products are not so important when ordering contact lenses online as all legitimate stores sell the same contacts of the same brands. So you just need to find a good price for you and a good level of costumer service and that is enough to buy contacts online.




Do not use online shops to buy contact lenses that:


1) Have not any contact information on website

2) Located outside USA

3) Sell contact without prescription

4) Have not any reviews


Very important that store you want to order contacts is located in USA as this mean store are complied with local medical regulations an you will have not issues with shipping, returns and communication with customer service. Another point If store sells contacts without prescription this is the fist sigh it breaks the law and it also means it can sell you unquality products or provide you with bad service.




If you want to buy cheap contacts or just for a good price - just enter you brand in search box at the top of this page or choose from the list at the bottom of the page - you will see prices from every store with full price breakdown (discounts, a base price and fees).


You can also find the cheapest price by yourself buy it's a difficult work -you must find prices from all online stores, then calculate shipping/ handling fees and after find the best discount code for every store. We just automated this process - so all you have to do to get cheapest price on you contacts it's just to find your brand at Contactsprice website. Do not forget to get Alcon rebate if you buy their contact lenses!




First of all you need to have a valid prescription to order contact lenses. If you have you prescription then choose you brand at the online  store where you want to buy contacts, then select a number of boxes of contact lenses you need and after in special forms enter parameters of you prescription - be careful it is important part of process  (How to read your prescription). In the end enter the name of your optometrist who issued your prescription with contact details. That is all - store will verify your prescription with your optometrist and will ship your order. By the way if you have any doughty you enter you prescription correctly while placing your online order - better to send scanned copy to customer service.




Almost all online stores works with insurances. As usual to use your insurance you need to pay for your contact lenses and after you will get refund from your insurance company. After you have placed your order you have to fill a special form you can find on website of online shop you buy contacts from or with your shipment. Also you need to add to this form itemized receipt from your order when you will receive it a just to send those documents to address of your insurance company. After this you will get money refund from your company. Please note that only prescription contact lenses are eligible for using insurance. Some companies have different rules - for example VSP requires only itemized receipt - you must check policy of your provider before ordering contact lenses online.




As rule -made-to-order (RGP and other custom contact lenses) contacts are not eligible for return unless they are defective. All other contacts can be returned not only when defective buy also in any other cases accordingly to a return policy of store where you buy contact lenses online. For example some stores will replace your lenses if your prescription is changed as long as they have their original packaging or even accept returns when you have stopped to use contacts at all. So always take a look at return policy of the online store you want to buy contacts from.