If want to buy contacts this is a good idea to use discounts as this will save you a significant amount of your money. First of all if you are looking for discounts it's more reasonable to order contact lenses online as they are much cheaper. Just by the fact you buy contacts online you save nearly 50% and this is bigger than any discount you can get on contacts offline. Even all big retailers like Walmart, Costco, and Walgreens sell their lenses with significant discount comparing to offline prices. Please note to buy contacts in USA you must have a valid prescription so schedule a cheap contact lenses exam and find best contact lenses for you first.




Almost all online stores use so called discount codes as part of their promotional efforts online. Sometimes such codes can give you up to 40-50% discount on your order. So if during checkout at online store you see a special field for discount codes - it highly recommended to search online for valid discount codes and even to try few to find the best possible discount on contact lenses. In many cases using of coupon codes can change price you pay dramatically and make price in more expensive store cheaper than in less expensive one - so do not forget to search for some promo codes before checkout.




Sales are not widely practiced by contact lenses online stores as contact lenses is a specific medical product. By the way sometimes stores offer sales as general website discount for example 10% off on all contacts online for a limited time. As usual in addition to such contact lenses discount you can use all other discounts if any so it can give you a dig total discount - so it worth to follow updates from stores to catch such sale while they are very rare.




As usual this kind of discounts on contact lenses are very popular among online stores. Some stores provide instant discount on contact lenses for using some form of payment - for example if you make payment via visa card. Others provide discount on contacts for using an auto-reorder option while ordering at online store. Some online stores also sometimes give discounts for making orders via their mobile-apps.  So it's a good idea to check homepages of stores for current offers - they always publish this if there is some such promotion currently.




Bulk discount is most popular type of discount on contact lenses you can find. Almost all stores offer significant discount if you buy more boxes. You can see this info near price of brand you want to buy or in product’s description. As usual maximal discount on contacts you can get is when you buy 1 -year supply of simple or colored contact leses.




Most contact lenses online stores offer special discounts for first time customers as contacts are product that is used as usual permanently by customers. So all contact lenses stores want to attract new customers and to show their service and pricing. As usual you gar get 10-15% discount on contact lenses as a new customer so check every online store for special conditions for a new customers.




Some manufacturers of contact lenses offer additional discounts for customers. These discounts are provided by manufacturer - not by online store where you buy your contacts. At this moment is available Alcon rebate. As usual to get such rebate you have to send special form to manufacturer. This rebate can be significant enough - up to $50 depending on the quantity of boxes you buy.

By the way some online stores have special agreement with manufacturers and provide such rebate - in this case you have to send such form to store where you have buy you contacts not to the manufacturer.




Many stores offer a price match - if you find better price they promise to much this price and sometimes even give you a few percentages on the top. By the way in most cases such offers have many restrictions - for example most stores do not price match to discounts like coupon codes discounts and similar.

So in most cases you can find the best deal without this option. This is recommended only if you are very satisfied with online store and just want to get better price.




Many store push special offers to marketplaces and aggregators. Such offers can have different price than on website of the store - as usual such price are much lower. If you have found such offer you can use it without any doubt but note that this offers can have many restrictions (for example on using discount codes) so not always they will provide you with the best price on you contacts.




Use our price comparison to buy cheap contact lenses and to find the best price on your brand. We compare prices from all stores including all possible discounts. So you always pay the best price.