Who has the cheapest contact lenses online?


It depends on the brand you need. You need to compare prices on your brand from all stores to know where is the best price at the moment.


How can I save money on contact lenses?


You can save money on contact lenses if you find cheap eye exam and buy your contacts online.


Why are contacts so expensive?


Contacts are very difficult to produce as their construction is very advanced.

That's require a lot of resourses.


Is it safe to order contacts online?


Yes it's absolutely safe to order contact lenses online. Just use legit store with BBB rating A or A+ to avoid a hassle.


Is it cheaper to order contact lenses online?


Yes, to buy contacts online is much cheaper as you do not pay service fees and other expenses online stores do not have.


How can I get free contact lenses?


You must to find some promotion where free contacts are offered as part of it. Currentry there are not such promotions.


Can I order contacts with an old prescription?


You can order with old prescriptuion if it's no older than 1 yerar. If it's more old you can't do it.


Where can I order contacts online?


There are many store where you can order it. Just choose any store you like.